Query Syntax

The following special operators and modifiers can be used for query building. See also use cases and examples

Internal pages depth:all

Search on homepages and indexed internal.

Example: depth:all "math.min.js"
depth:0 "math.min.js" - homepages (default)
depth:1 "math.min.js" - 1'st internal
etc. up to 5

site: TLD operator

Get results from certain top-level domain.

site:de bootstrap
site:it bootstrap
site:edu bootstrap
site:legal bootstrap

filetype:css and filetype:js

Search in CSS and JS files.

"stackoverflow.com/questions" filetype:css
"stackoverflow.com/questions" filetype:js

ip: IP address

Search by IP address or class C subnet.

ip: "ga('create',"
ip:160.153.136.* bootstrap

Phrase search operator

When you put a word or phrase in quotes, the results will only include sites with the same words in the same order as the ones inside the quotes.

Example: "math.min.js"

Combine phrases

Combine searches for multiple phrases or keywords.

Example: "<html lang=\"fr\">" bootstrap

Operator NOT

When you use a dash before a word or keyphrase, it excludes sites with that info from your results.

Example: "amcharts.js" -bootstrap

Escape internal quotes

To use a double quote which is used to enclose strings, you need to escape it using the backslash character.

Example: "<html lang=\"fr\">"

Double backslashes

Escaping a backslash with another backslash is required. Two consecutive backslashes will be interpreted as a single backslash.

Example: "\\x5f\\x70\\x6fp"

snipexp: snippets by regular expression

Add RegExp to extract IDs, names, etc. from matched websites via custom snippets. Snipexp operator does not affect search results, just display matched snippets.

Pizza phones in Italia: "href=\"tel" site:it pizza snipexp:|\"tel\:([^\"]+)\"|
Publisher IDs: "addthis_widget.js#pubid=ra" snipexp:|pubid=(ra\-[\w\d]+)|i
WP plugins: "/wp-content/plugins/" snipexp:|/plugins/([\w\d\-\.\_]+)/|
Affiliate IDs: "_pop.push([\"siteId" snipexp:|(siteId[\"\']\,\s*(\d+))|i