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Find any alphanumeric snippet, signature or keyword in the web pages HTML, JS and CSS code.

query syntax: RegEx, ccTLDs, etc.
208 475 213 websites
April 20, 2017


  • Up to 200 000 results per search request
  • API for developers who want to integrate our data
  • Download results as a CSV file
  • Snippets for search results
  • Results are sorted by website popularity
  • Searches are typically completed within a few seconds
  • 208 475 213 websites indexed (only home pages are searchable)
  • Webserver response HTTP headers are also indexed
  • Websites in the top 1 million are revealed for free
  • Results from the top 3 million upon registering, the rest are paid.

Ultimate solution for digital marketing and affiliate marketing research, PublicWWW allow you to perform searches this way, something that is not possible with other regular search engines:

  • Any HTML, JavaScript, CSS and plain text in web page source code
  • References to StackOverflow questions in HTML, .CSS and .JS files
  • Web designers and developers who hate IE
  • Sites with the same analytics id: "UA-19778070-"
  • Sites using the following version of nginx: "Server: nginx/1.4.7"
  • Advertising networks users: ""
  • Sites using same adsense account: "pub-9533414948433288"
  • Wordpress with theme: "/wp-content/themes/twentysixteen/"
  • Find related websites through the unique HTML codes they share, i.e. widgets & publisher IDs
  • Identify sites using certain images or badges
  • Find out who else is using your theme
  • Identify sites that mention you
  • Find your competitor's affiliates
  • Identify sites where your competitors personally collaborate or interact
  • References to use a library or a platform
  • Find code examples on the internet
  • Figure out who is using what JS widgets on their sites.

Our Clients

Syracuse University
UMBC: An Honors University In Maryland
Penn State
Columbia University in the City of New York
University of Salford, Manchester
The University of Texas at Arlington - UT Arlington - UTA
Arizona State University | Ranked #1 university in the US for innovation
Universidad El Bosque
Fuji Xerox
City of Seattle

Statistics and Research

You can interact with our statisitcs, based on our web analytics, and also get help on finding, using and understanding data.